is a boutique focused on difficult cases in the Northern European credit markets.

We are a start up focused on investing in the growing Nordic bond market. We offer a unique combination of over 10 years experience in Nordic special situations, 18 years in European distressed and 3 years of pro-active engagement with bond issuers on ESG matters.

Our Green Approach involves getting companies to report and make small reductions of their carbon emissions. Companies in difficult times have limited resources, however they do listen to creditors.

Our logo, the yellow circle, symbolizes the sun, an essential element for plant growth and the “f” stands for funds.


Our Investment Process

defines how we deliver returns to our clients.

Bottom-up Analysis

Bottom up research focused on credit and distressed analysis. Focus on avoiding fraud.


Focused on worst case. Targeting maximum absolute drawdown of 3% per position.


Leading restructuring committees. Direct engagements with companies.

Greenfunds Recovery Fund

Our inaugural fund focusing on Northern European special situations.

Our process focuses on capturing premiums from leading restructurings and providing fresh capital to Nordic debt restructurings. The fund invests in debt across all sectors except "brown" energy. Twenty to forty investments across distressed debt, special situations and high yield.


Our Green Approach

If you can't measure it, you can't do anything about it. On this premise, we believe all companies need to start reporting their carbon footprint as a first.

Our approach is humble, measurable and achievable:

  • Push companies to regularly disclose their carbon footprint (Scope 1 & 2)
  • Push companies for small reductions in emissions: e.g. change their company food consumption to a minimum 60% meat-free diet
  • Our funds exclude investments in extraction of fossil fuels
We like to walk the talk too, our performance fees are dependent on our Green KPIs.


Our Investment Universe

We focus primarily on public debt in the Nordics. We also invest in Northern Europe and private debt situations.

As 2019 the Nordic high yield market was over 45 billion euros in size. That is approximately half of the European high yield market in 2010. The Nordic market is dominated by issuance from Norway and Sweden, followed by Finland and Denmark.


Contact Us

Please email us on info @, call us on +45 6080 5035 or use the form below.